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Hannah answers questions on advertising from the My Amazon Guy community

SellerX’s resident PPC expert, Hannah, joined Steven Pope on the My Amazon Guy YouTube channel.

Combining Steven’s expertise in Amazon consultancy and Hannah’s in creative advertising strategies, they offer live advice to an audience of ambitious sellers.

Here are some of the questions Hannah and Steven delve into:

  • Do we need a new metric in PPC other than TACOS to measure the health of ad spend?
  • How valuable are bid calculators?
  • What do you check in a PPC audit?
  • What’s a good PPC strategy for products that are 1.4-2x the price of competitors’?

Jump to

  • 00:00 Episode intro

  • 10:12 Introduction of SellerX PPC expert, Hannah Whitlock

  • 10:26 What SellerX does

  • 11:05 What is the best advertising strategy going into 2022?

  • 12:48 What is your preferred AMZ campaign structure?

  • 14:27 What sort of bidding strategy should you be using on your PPC campaigns?

  • 16:15 How accurate is the category conversion rate in Growth Opportunities?

  • 17:12 When launching, should you target long-tail KWs before high search volume KWs?

  • 18:57 Why do you recommend using exact and broad match when launching, and not phrase?

  • 19:40 Do we need a new metric in PPC other than TACOS to measure the health of ad spend?

  • 21:58 If you have found good search terms in auto and broad and want to put them in exact, do you add them to an existing exact campaign or create a new campaign?

  • 23:44 Should we measure the ad spend over the AMZ payout?

  • 24:51 How valuable are bid calculators?

  • 25:48 Can I completely drop PPC?

  • 27:57 What are broad match modified campaigns?

  • 28:33 When you are tasked to a PPC audit, what areas do you check?

  • 31:34 If I stop my PPC for a week because of stock issues, will my organic ranking and sales be affected?

  • 32:26 How many KWs would you include in a campaign?

  • 32:56 Which strategy is best for high-priced products?

  • 35:36 How many target keywords do you include in one manual campaign?

  • 36:58 What should your budget ratio be for sponsored product, sponsored brand, and sponsored display?

  • 41:22 Which strategy is best for products that are priced 1.4-2x than other similar products?

  • 43:05 What tips would you give for making a sponsored brand video convert well?

  • 43:53 What is the most underrated ad feature on AMZ?

  • 44:05 Is there a PPC course available?

  • 44:48 How do I optimize my PPC campaign?

  • 45:37 What do you think about creating four auto campaigns for four different match types?

  • 46:05 Two months after launch, is a 30% TACOS considered high or healthy?

  • 47:07 For auto campaigns, should I go with 900% placement by setting the bids to a few cents?

  • 47:58 What are your thoughts on category targeting as a targeting strategy?

  • 48:46 With new KWs, should we add broad and exact campaigns before phrase?

  • 49:17 How do aggregators take over and correct ad structures?

  • 50:07 If I have one product in multiple colors, should I merge the products?

  • 50:28 Why do campaigns perform differently, even with the same KWs and targeting type?

  • 51:28 Do you include high and low search volume keywords in the same campaign or separately?

  • 52:09 Could I gather long-tail KWs with a TOS of 900%?

  • 52:53 My product’s run out of stock and my ranking has dropped. How do I improve it?

  • 53:20 Should we consider bid placement during a campaign launch?

  • 53:51 What’s the ideal CTR for a PPC campaign?

  • 54:23 What should I do when a competitor targets branded keywords?

  • 55:00 Should we adjust the bids daily or optimize them weekly?


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